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These photos were sent out on his behalf during the period that Paramount was building him up to be the next big matinee idol. 

Here's an example of the larger 8" x 10" version that The Written Word Autographs sold :

Are you saying these are secretarial? Not from what I have seen.

This may be of interest. 

I was looking for the results of somethings else on and stumbled upon this archived auction listing.  It's another of these Tony Perkins photos in this style and again from The Written Word Autographs . 

It's inscribed to Harry Wilkinson who ran what he called "Harry Wilkinson's Hollywood Museum".  I've seen TTMs made out to Harry Wilkinson before (and sometimes naming his museum) but really know nothing more.  Perhaps others have seen items inscribed to him as well and know something of him?

Hi Eddy.  Yes, he was a well-known collector he rubber stamped many if not most of his collection on the backs.   I think he must have thumb-tacked his pictures to boards for his museum.  Have seen ones with holes like this one.

Thanks, Scott.  Do you know where the museum was and what his 'day job' was?

I thought he was in the film industry but there's actually a contemporary Harry Wilkinson who is a screenwriter/producer who is currently active.  That's where I think I had heard the name before.

I thought he was from New England but am not sure.  The guy that had that museum is deceased he would be pretty old now.  I am quite sure he was just a fan and not in show business.

It's interesting to see traces of some of these collecting characters from the past who put together their own museums/collections.  

Hi Eddy I am home now and checked my notes and he was Marblehead, Massachusetts.  He had a huge collection similar in scope to Verzi and Kuster in the 25,000 range.   I have that he is deceased but no date.  Must be someone told me maybe Keith Hurd not sure.

 Eddy his name might be familiar because he used to write about old movie stars in Good Old Days Magazine if you ever used to read that.  My Aunt used to save her copies for me.  I think his writing for that from at least the late 1960s may have been how he got a lot of his autographs.

We are kindred spirits,  Scott.  I did read the Good Old Days Magazine.  What I most remember was an issue in which there was a profile of Don Wilson, Jack Benny's radio/TV announcer.  That began my lifelong love affair with The Jack Benny Program!

Thanks for the further info on Mr Wilkinson!

I would make the same observation about the "always" here and in the 1982 Perkins letter to his father.

The Written Word example:

These below are those shown in the other post on page 3.

The OP, the 8x10 that was posted, and the 1982 letter.

likely secretarial, here is a style that is listed on Marcus Brandes site:

another example that JSA has passed, similar to the one on MB site:


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