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I don't like. To my eyes, the quote does not comes from his hand. The Best wishes isn't real IMO. About the signature, it's closed but I see some wrong details. Just my opinion :)


Not even close.

Thanks !!!!

To who? Owe?

It means Uwe, a frequently German forename.

Yes, Uwe

This is not his signature

I have here six examples of Neil's signatures on the Belgium
souvenir sheet (I don't know if they are all authentic).
What is such an authentic block worth?

One single autograph from him could be valued between 1500-2000 euro. (Maybe a little more?)

Anyway, about the lot of six I see many different bad details, depending on each one. Just a great fail they have in common is the final loop. If the lot was real, its price maybe could be about 6k or 7k euro...? However, they aren't genuine IMO.

I would avoid it.

Forgers Sump, as I already wrote, the bottom left has been proven wrong by Zarelli. Thanks for your opinion.

You're welcome, Susanne. I just try to help. BTW, Zarelli told about the bottom left one but what does he think about the others? Just for curiousity :)


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