Having read in other forums about the signed pre orders of Wayne Gretzky's new book from chapters being auto-penned I contacted books-a-million who I ordered through also said it was signed and they have confirmed it is actually an auto-pen.

If you have ordered one of these I have been able to cancel my order so be careful if looking to buy from dealers too if they were not obtained from one of his in store signings

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Thanks for telling members about this. I'm away this weekend and just checking in sporadically, but I read that yesterday evening. Like you said, one bookseller is giving every customer that asks a complete refund, but letting them keep the book.

The ones on the book tour, are genuinely signed...but they are signed in person by Gretzky.

Thanks again for letting people know about this.

Good job,yes this autopen,stamped crap is getting out of control and people need to be vigilant. Absolute disgrace these stars are doing this to their fans! Its also downright fraud selling books that you are claiming are hand signed!


My god, you have to be careful what you buy off Ebay. Now you cant trust the book publishers!

The pictures people uploaded on sports card forum even showed it being delivered from chapters with the signed copy sticker on the front!

Its even worse that he did a store signing at chapters o most went on the assumption pre orders would have been signed at same time but obviously cant spare the time

$30 for anything signed by gretzky was too good to be true, will now wait a couple of weeks till book price drops for christmas

I'm with you, Ian, this auto-pen crap is out of control!!!!

For the informed its not too bad,but for new collectors another thing to turn them off to this "hobby". The worthless press doesn't want different interesting stories. They just want to push their various agendas and fluff crap like who the Kardashians are scr-----!

Your bound to get burnt collecting graphs, same thing happened with the Brian wilson books.

Unfortunately, autopen books has been prevalent since I've been collection (2000). NRA was selling autopen Charlton Heston books back in the mid 2000s. Heck, they were using the Carol Lanning Heston 'graph for the facsimile signature on their Heston t-shirts. LOL.

Luckily, that time and many others, when ordering "signed" books I order two copies believing from the start that they may be autopen. So far the Heston is the only time. I did see someone post a news report video on facebook with the local news following the story of the autopens. Kind of surprised me, a lot of non-collectors will just say they are Gretzky's real autograph, just signed mechanically.

Which Heston book used autopen?

It was "Courage To Be Free" IIRC. In mid 2000s I was a huge Heston fan and around that time was starting to question the ttms due to people still getting successes despite some reports Heston was very ill with Alzheimer's. I bought one book from NRA which they listed as signed. Auto looks a little shaky, like an autopen but chalked it up to maybe being a recent (early 2000s) signature. I bought two more and when they came all three books were the same sigs. I quickly returned them and got money back. Since we never did see an autopen ttm from Heston, I'm guessing this was something NRA had hands in.

Thanks for the info Jason!


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