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New record for a Queen signed LP: The start of the Freddie sales effect?

I just saw that a signed debut Queen LP sold for just over $31,000 (incl. fees) at RR Auction last night. This was a record price for any signed Queen LP at RR. I wonder if the upcoming Freddie sales at Sotheby's had anything to do with the strength of bidding?


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I dont really like the sigs that much.  Unbelievable  that someone or at least 2 people had that much money to spare.  I bet the venodror cant believe his/her luck

Apart from being cramped for space and the Brian being a tad difficult to read, I think they look pretty decent. Having Freddie with a "best wishes" at the top adds to the appeal in my view. With all that said, a nicely signed autograph album page wouldn't give me a lot less pleasure than a signed LP. 


RR does get ridiculous prices a handful of times throughout the year. Laughable prices. But the same great pieces stay on tracks for far less money for years at a time. The stuff selling at sotheby's are not your average pieces. They're not only things that he owned, lyrics, etc. They've been in his home for the last 30+ years and kept by his closest friend. That makes them among the most valuable items. Again, all while the same great pieces sit at tracks for far less cash. In other words, my guess is no, I don't think the sotheby's sale has anything to do with prices changing. I think that piece at RR was one of the most valuable because it's their first album (which they did not fully sign many of), it was in fantastic condition, and was grossly overpayed for by someone who got carried away with bidding. And I think the ridiculous prices at sotheby's are to be expected because of the items being sold and where they come from. People have purchased worn clothing before. At ridiculous prices and then wondered why for years, nobody would make them an offer for it that could recoup their money. The stage worn stuff will always be worth crazy money. The stuff he wore on your average tuesday afternoon will sell for big cash, but wont be able to be moved after that as easily. We've seen it too many times before. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in other auctions.

I wasn't suggesting that this LP could be compared to the Sotheby's lots, just that all the hype and social media coverage that the Sotheby's auction has been getting may have influenced the two or more bidders that were fighting for the LP to the end. 

Yes, that's why I mentioned the Sotheby's items. To point out why I don't think they're a part of a trend of prices going up. They're in a league of their own in terms of hype, and most of that stuff (that is to say his daily worn clothing and house ornaments) will sell for big bucks initially, and then won't be able to be resold at a price close to what folks paid Sotheby's for. Something we've seen before. The lp is an RR thing we've seen many times in the past and is a fluke (but definitely very valuable being their first album) which is proven when you think about all the great pieces that sit at much lower prices year-round and never get bought up. Basically explaining why these 2 high priced auctions don't really show a rise in prices across the board. But I understand what you're saying.



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