Limited Edition $37 w/tax and shipping US. Also get 15% off if you sign up for emails.

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Damn damn damn, sold out :( I need this

Wow, didn't know they were that limited. I loaded up 10 (that was max allowed) in my cart before posting and took it all the way to payment just to make sure some were available but I only bought one. Was hoping those would last a bit, apologies Allginger. 

Got 2 after a bit of refreshing, thanks buddy

Good, glad you got a few, for the price it was very decent. Cheers. 

You should have bought the 10 and re-distributed them among your Friends on here!

It is the season of giving isn't it? That was a real Ebenezer Scrooge move on my part. I'll buy a round for everyone next time Nick. Promise. 

Not sold out as I just purchased one 

They removed it from their site so must be gone now... they have the signed Australian poster for $70 but doesn't sound as good when you know one just sold for $37 lol... not terrible with 15% off though. I already have a few of his autographs so I'll pass though at that price. 

Arrived today, packaged flat from Canada to UK for about $10, crazy, one of my new favourite pieces, thanks Knob!!!

The knob abides... Looks great AG, glad the shipping wasn't complete silliness either. 

It’s great, thanks a lot


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