Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Fair enough. I never said they have turned exclusively to bookplates but the majority of them are.. The Rock and Roll channel at Talkshoplive has had a few issues but at least they are trying to be transparent on here with us every now and then.. Premiere tried but gave up when they refused to answer our questions when we put them on the spot.. Now all they do is lurk on here to monitor this part of their customer base.. keep praising them if you want. Im sure they love customers who will blindly return to them. If you make them feel comfortable so quickly after everything that has happened, nothing will change.. This hobby needs what premiere used to be. Not what they are becoming. A lot of us have been slapped in the face and we just won't fall for it again

The Lady in the Van author, legendary writer Alan Bennett (a bargain too!)


Excellent, thank you!

I somehow missed this when first published, and I’ve been searching almost daily for a copy for the last month.

did anybody get there Kenny Loggins signed book from BAM? I did yesterday., Compare?

Here's mine:

they do look different..especially the dot on the I in loggins..

Nick, it actually looks like your signed page was on top of Marshall's signed page when Kenny signed it. You can see the indentation of your style signature on the page Marshall photographed, including the 'less-than sign' variant dot over the last name. With the bearing down of the pen to cause this imprint, I would say there is likely no chance that these are not hand-signed.

I agree

Yeah, I ordered 3 of Kenny Loggins' memoir and the signatures all looked the same. Returned them right back to to BAM.  I am learning to buy more than one book just to compare the signatures.  Very enlightening at times. 

Sometimes even that doesn't help if they have multiple autopen variations. I almost got tricked by the David Copperfield book at Barnes and Noble. Looked at 2 or 3 and they all looked different. Decided to look at one more and it was identical to the first one I looked at. 

Wow! What a racket!!


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