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Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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My problem is that any time I go out to the thrift stores, I usually end up with a satchel full of signed books, and that's despite regularly "editing" my collection for books I've already read/don't want/aren't really the kind of long-term holds I need to keep. I slowed my roll for a while, but ended up picking up a handful of titles this week that I got for dirt-cheap and either wanted to read or wanted to collect (Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent, for example).

Like you, I did go in on the Lives of Brian memoir -- had a gift card and figured this (and the Ken Dryden book I bought recently -- waiting on a signed bookplate from a promotion) were items that I wasn't going to find in any reasonable timeframe and wanted to jump on immediately.

yeah, I just started collecting books last Christmas during all the black Friday sales and it was getting out of hand, so I decided to just go back to music only unless it's certain names that I just can't pass up. 

Does someone know where you can pre-order the signed version of The Trials of Life by David Attenborough? The first ones seem to already have hit eBay 

Would love a signed copy of this title!

I seem to remember picking up his last one at Blackwells UK but don’t see anything yet. I’d keep an eye there, also Coles UK or possibly Waterstones.

Reese Witherspoon - BUSY BETTY signed book

it says signed by author in the description


I tried and got -

sorry, I didn't order one but it looked to be in stock, not sure why some of these companies can't keep an inventory

It's the "Reddit hug of death". The website gets slammed by a bunch of buyers at once and the backend can't keep up.

At the point you posted it, I clicked the link shortly afterward and saw only 9 available. I didn't try to purchase though.

yeah you're right I do remember seeing 9 available now that you mentioned it 

I saw 8 left on my end and went through checkout to see shipping cost. Media mail for 1 was $7.60 which is overpriced. I was just curious. No intention of buying. Searched ebay quickly and found another book of hers. They are signed "x Reese" her signature is what it is, but a personal opinion, it didn't impress me. 


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