Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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They will only ship within Australia and into New Zealand .. nowhere else.

Ahh thanks. Hoping another seller lists it for shipping within the US. Fingers crossed. 

Do we know of any AU / NZ handling drop shipping networks?

Colin Kaepernick Change the Game-Signed Paperback


He's done a lot of books, but they all seem to hold their worth well right now. 

cool but way out of my price range

Elvira In Horrorland (Signed Edition Hardcover) Signed by: Elvira


Mr Cyrkin, did someone gadoosh the Donald Trump signed book links that were up a little while ago? I can't find them. Definitely not trying to bring political views to this site, or anywhere really, I was just curious what the links posted were.

Reposting it below. The post was fine. The problem I had was that it instantly started being a lightning rod for problematic commentary, and I just don't want that here.


A quick review of closed eBay auctions would indicate this is not good for a flip. But if you like him or are collecting presidents-I think the consensus was that these are good as far as authenticity for the prior release. 

The time to buy was the first run, when they sold out. Demand was high. Now theres a second book, as well as the first.

Not a flip anymore, although I was recently offered a little less than double what I paid. 

The original run bookplates came after the book was delivered, making them a little more collectible. Now they probably come affixed, which is why I think those loose ones are a bit more desirable.

The bigger point is that they arent auto-pen. 

These ones were real, the ones he sold fundraising for his candidacy were autopen. It was two different books. So he has been known to use autopen, but supposedly these ones were good.


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