Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Thanks again for finding this. Just got mine today and I love it. Also not numbered but I could care less about that.

You're welcome! Happy to be of help.

I ordered when this was posted or at least the next morning still no dispatch notice and I'm in the UK so I hope they do provide a tracking number because some USA companies have a nasty habbit of changing my address and ignorning my true written address and it gets to another part of the city.

I did not get any tracking or update, but one book suddenly showed up today (I ordered 2).

Might I ask which delivery network was it? This is worrying as who knows if it went to the correct address. Is it worth trying to contact the seller or is it the publisher who is sending them out?

It was not any of the usual delivery services as I'm signed up to them but did not get any notification at all. Just a nondescript white van. The sender wasn't Insight, possibly it said Titan Books. I'd have to check the outer box. I put it away as they double boxed, thankfully.

good to know packing is actually good, I might chase the store since the vendor which took payment is ultimately responsible.

Michael Palin - There and Back - Signed Edition
Didn't see in search, £30. With Coles super cheap overseas shipping, it's only $76 to the US. He also has signed items available on his own website.


Michael's website -

thaNks for posting OP. 

managed to grab one as well as this signed Dune Part two (by director):


There are tons of signed stuff great find

I want to purchase that one too, and probably will eventually-- I love the Dune movies. But I already have two books signed by Denis Villeneuve that have been unavailable for a while now:

The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049:


The Art and Science of Arrival


All of these, including yours, are also signed by producer Tanya LaPointe -- that's his wife.

someone on another thread claimed Insight books sell fake signatures. Could this be true? I have ordered the Christopher Nolan and the signed Dune book. Hope I dont get scammed.

Anyone else who has received alrrady his copy?

I got the Nolan and it looks good.  Live ink, no autopen or preprint.  And it looks like other Nolans I've seen.  


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