Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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Good idea. 

Can this be pinned to the top/ first page? Otherwise in a week this will be on page 3 and forgotten. 

Books to look out for in 2022 (not confirmed signed):

- Tom Selleck "Untitled" September (regular ISBN: 978-0008352974)

- Chris Rock "Untitled Rock Non Fiction" November (regular ISBN: 9781529092462)

Note: the signed books will usually have a different ISBN. As of this moment I haven't found any (other than UK/US editions, paperback, Kindle and audiobooks ISBN).

Also keep an eye out for Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston's book "Long Train Runnin': Our Story of The Doobie Brothers this July 26,2022 Let's just hope either or both decide to sign it!

I know it's a non-musician signed books page,but I couldn't help myself...)

If anyone is still looking for The Boys by Ron & Clint Howard, it seems it's still available here https://www.bookcellarinc.com/book/9780063065246

Nice sigs from what I've seen posted. My copy is still underway.

Kal Penn - You Can’t Be Serious
$38 Tickets include a copy of the book with a signed bookplate. (Virtual Event)


Ramsay in 10 Delicious Recipes Made in a Flash by Gordon Ramsy-Signed - $35.38 to U.S. 


Thanks for sharing, however it makes me nervous with “Free shipping” included to the US. There is no option for tracked shipping and they say it’s mailed 10-15 after ordering from the UK. Maybe I’m overthinking that, but isn’t that strange shipping to the US from the UK “is included” and no tracking?

They're legit.  But before Brexit and COVID, it was 1-3 days to dispatch the order.  Then 2-3 weeks for the book to arrive to the states. They send it via surface. So it might be more like 2.5-5 weeks with COVID and Brexit.  I guess the question is how badly you want the item, how patient you are, etc.  

The time is not a factor, my fear is “free” International shipping with no tracking.

I found the packaging for the last book I got from Blackwells. It shipped from NYC.  Don't know if that makes you feel better or not. Still not sent with tracking.  But the package didn't originate overseas. It arrived in 7 days from ordering to my mailbox. So do with that what you will.

I second that. These guys are legit.  I had a book sent to Australia and was also nervous about the lack of tracking and free shipping. 

The book took max time to get here (four weeks, allowing for delays due to pandemic), but it arrived well packed and in great condition.  They have a good help section (I use their messenger to contact and they are quick to respond).  I would buy from Blackwells again. 


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