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Here is one I ordered 4 years ago thru Bluenote Records. no idea why these photos come out sideways

Here is mine, plus from the previous CD offering.  I don't know about any of these...  if the pre-print is to be legit

I am going to try and return mine.  I dont think any of the recent ones for this cd are genuine

This is a Canadian one. Very disappointing. 

Norah did an in person signing session at Rough Trade East in London recently. These are going to be legit, so did anyone attend? I couldn't get there but am collecting my copy from the store soon and can share a pic of it on here.

I went to pick my copy up today. Apparently Norah did not sign any extra copies for those who could not attend. I’m not impressed with Norah nor Rough Trade East London who could and should have obtained signed copies for those who they knew could not attend.

Agreed, that's terrible. I attended the Rough Trade signing. Norah happily signed the Visions CD, but when I asked her to also quickly sign a couple of her old LPs from my collection as a fan she huffed and puffed and I felt like I was going to be frogmarched to the local police station! This even though other people were posing with her for photos which, if time was the constraint, would take far longer.  She did (reluctantly) sign and as I left she complained to the security people around her....

Do the signatures look anything like these ones?

They are vaguely similar in appearance with the loop at the end, but a lot simpler. I suspect Norah's signature varies quite a lot, but when you're doing an instore signing for a large crowd I can certainly understand if your signature becomes a lot quicker and less flowery!

If you get a chance to take a picture of one that would be great



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