Let me start by saying this group is awesome and has saved me from a lot of mistakes. What are the opinions on this Hemingway. It looks legit to me even though it is choppy in some areas. Most of the time when he writes you see some choppyness to his writing. The signature must be hard for forgers, but at this point I am convinced there are some unreal forgers out there. 


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There are a lot of breaks (stops and starts) along with shakiness in places that make me uncomfortable with this, signs of potential forgery. Im not familiar with Hemingways handwriting, it could be normal, but it definitely makes me want to research harder with 100% known authentic examples

I agree. He was on a lot of drugs and alcohol especially in the 50's before he comminted suicide in 1961. He was injured in WWI and WWII along with plane crashes that resulted in debilitating injuries. The Hemmingway part of his signature is hard to replicate with that flow though.

What does really throw me off though is this is a first edition Old man by the Sea. Where he won multiple awards for so this is probably a 1-3K book by itself. Adding the signature you might be in the ballpark of the 4-6k range.

I’m not convinced.  The inscription appears to have been copied in the large part from this copy of the same book, which was inscribed for Lady Suzanna P. Tweed and Carleton Tweed, philanthropists from Coral Gables, FL:


I can’t find any reference online to a Bob Hyw(?) Tweed, and the way Bob is written doesn’t match other examples known to be in Hemingway’s hand.  For example:

Nice catch. They did copy it not understanding who the Tweed's were. The seller was kmm_antiques 

That's so absurd - the forgers didn't even know the "Tweed" was part of the name and not the sentiment.

and worse - if I read correctly, they ruined a valuable FIRST EDITION book! 

Wouldn't be the first time - seen it happen too much to books that didn't deserve it. Random modern scrawling on valuable books, highlighter scratch-outs.

That’s crazy. Or I should say tweed that’s crazy.

This one was sold by the same seller 2 months ago. 


They also sold a fake Fidel Castro and a fake Che Guevara.

Also, in the forgery it says "from their friend", despite it being inscribed to one person.  He copied that from the authentic example pictured that was inscribed to two people. 



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