Any MJ collectors or experts who can hep, it looks good to me but I don't want to buy it without a second opinion 

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This isn't real.  Sorry. 

It looked like some from the late 90s? But thank you, I posted this one too but only got a "maybe" what about this CD?

I actually don't like any of them.  The first one 100% is not real though. 

Are they all being offered by the same person?  I see that the camera #'s are all similar for the photo.   You mention someone on FB approached you.... ?

Yes, i follow a MJ collectors group on Facebook and another collector asked if I was interested and the CD looked nicest to me but I was thinking about almost buying all 3.. now that you say the paper slip is really bad Im not sure now. I was going to submit quick opinions to PSA for the CD at least but I've heard of them just saying yes to anyone to make fast cash. Whats bad about the CD and document? Document I thought had a weird format.. not even the signature but what its on. The disc i compared to others and looks great I was really hoping they all weren't bad.. thanks for your help, keep me from waisting my money, let me know what doesn't look right to you

And this one?? Suppose to be a later signature from the early 2000s?
Yes for this one .

Thank you.. I have an update on this piece though, I googled this document and found the exact same item but the signature is different?? 

1. is the signature on the scan real? 

2. is it a red flag to buy the other one?... the guy who approached me just told me mj could have signed others as copies for people which the one shown before was his, is that likely or should I not gamble with it. Looks interesting and I love contracts and paperwork like it so if it is real id be interested.. he's asking $750 on the letter


Hi Danny,

I don't like any of the three you posted.

I think that the copy you posted is a copy of a Michael Jackson that looks possibly real, but the document doesn't make sense to me so I wouldn't use it as an exemplar at this point. It isn't dated, and the contract doesn't say who he is giving consent to register the trademark. 



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