Opinions on Brady Bunch TV Cast Signatures - Follow Up to Previous Discussion

Several members helped me with a Brady Bunch SP in a previous discussion.  I have compared the below signatures to sold items in RR Auction archives and all of these look legit to me.  Hoping to get feedback on this signed photo, contract and signatures including:

  • Barry Williams
  • Maureen McCormick
  • Christopher Knight
  • Eve Plumb
  • Mike Lookingland
  • Susan Olsen
  • Robert Reed
  • Florence Henderson
  • Ann B. Davis

Thank you for taking a look and sharing your opinions.

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They only one that I think is good, given the item (because I don't know his autograph) is Robert Reed.

The others look like forgeries, even the index cards. If it's one person selling all these, they most likely faked the index cards so the buyer would have something to frame with the kids signed photo.

Thank you, Jason.  Obviously a little disappointed but feedback from members is always helpful and appreciated.  I agree signed documents have a stronger likelihood of being authentic than photos or index cards.  I try to do a lot of research using resources like RR Auction, Heritage, PSA, etc.  I thought these looked pretty good but this would not be my first miss.  Thanks for your help.

I think in the other thread I also mentioned try and look for the stairs photo with Sherwood Schwartz. This is most likely a higher chance of being authentic because many fans, like me, got the photo from Sherwood (it will have his autograph on it) and then sent it to other members to sign. Ann, Florence and Barry were usually the only automatic ones. Peter did ttm briefly during my time collectioning. Mike and Susan did a few shows, but not many. Eve and Maureen are the harder to obtain but a friend of mine did say they are gettable in person, you just don't see them too often. Of course, there could be fakes of this photo but given the way the fan will have originally obtained it it is most likely to have made it's way around to get other real autographs.

Thanks again, Jason.  I am familiar with the Sherwood Schwartz signed photos but did not know about signing habits of the cast.  I learn so much from members in this forum.  Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience.

Another pointer is the symbol under Ann's autograph is a cross and Jesus fish. She would never do that so sloppily and all the ones I've seen are neat. This forger didn't do too well. She also usually personalized so the index most likely would have been personalized.

Google images is pretty cool to look at especially for someone like Ann who most of the material shown should be authentic so you can get a good idea of probably the most common (besides Barry) of actors autographs and then see maybe some other autographs they are paired with on items. Just now I saw too pretty cool items-one was a group of individual trading cards of some, but not all, of the actors. The other was a framed item with signed index cards of all the actors and the photo in the middle was of the stair photo just signed by Sherwood. The Reed autograph didn't look good though but it was noted by JSA it was inconclusive.

Very similar to a card I had, but probably easy forged.  I have Barry and EVe on a few cast photos I can check.

My “stairs” photo and bw “popcorn" photo with just Barry and Eve autos in person

Thank you for posting the examples and sharing your comments.  Funny how when you feel something is legit, you can convince yourself how similar it looks to other examples.  But when you have suspicions, you can find many differences.  To me, the bottom of the "F" in "Florence" and the general height of the letters look off in my example.  Also, the two Barry Williams examples you posted look like a more natural flow than mine while the "E" in "Eve" is clearly different.  Certainly people can sign differently over time and in different settings.  However, I have doubts about my OP now.  Not sure why forgers take the time to forge inexpensive signatures but I suppose if you can convert a 1-cent index card into a $15 "autograph" it is worth a shot.

Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and opinions.



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