Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some opinions on this Harry Houdini signature. It is signed on a book page....sorry for the pic quality. I didn't see any red flags but I am certainly no expert. Thanks!! 

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is dated 1908, so his signature certainly could have varied from the 1880's until then.

It looks like you're posting an image in a printed catalog, is that right?

I haven't studied Houdini deeply, but that autograph has strong Houdini characteristics to me, and I compared it to some period exemplars to confirm my opinion. I would be surprised if he didn't sign it.

Thanks for taking a look, Steve. It was an ebay listing that I recently won. The listing stated that the book actually belonged to Houdini. I am not too concerned about whether or not he owned it, but I definitely want to make sure that the signature is good. Thanks again for your opinion!


I'm concerned because the image appears to be out of a catalog, not the actual book. Do you have more photos?

Regular PayPal will protect you but it's best to know for sure from the start.

The ebay listing (dndgalleries, an antique book dealer, is the seller) did have more pictures of the book. I just took a picture of my computer screen with a closeup of the signature and posted it, which is why it isn't the best picture.


Please post the Houdini signature you found from the time period. Darryl's looks very likely genuine to me, so I'd like to see if I'm missing something. Thanks

One thing that I have realized while doing research on Houdini's signature is that they seem to vary quite a bit. Even the two pics posted from 1909 and 1911 vary quite a bit, and they are only 2 years apart. I am not even 100% sure that the autograph that I posted was signed in 1908, assuming that it is authentic. If this was indeed Houdini's personal copy he could have easily added the signature, location and date that he obtained the book at a much later time. That may be a little far fetched, but possible.

I tried a PSA Quick Opinion but they would not render an opinion. They said that I would need to send it in which I will probably do. It will cost me around $150 total but if it fails I will be able to get a refund through paypal.

Hi again, I just waned to give an update on this Houdini signature. PSA/DNA did pass it, so I am very happy with that. To my surprise though, they failed a Dolores O'Riordan signed Cranberries CD Cover that I purchased from Newbury Comics. Go figure.

Congrats on the Houdini! Nice piece.

Hi Darryl, thanks for closing the loop on this one. I thought it looked real but I only have an example that Houdini signed in block capitals in 1900 so I didn't feel qualified to offer an opinion. I wonder why Houdini would have signed or even owned that particular book? Very odd subject! 

Houdini apparently had a huge library containing thousands of books....definitely an odd subject though.


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