Opinions on this Abraham Lincoln signed card. The seller is country_cat777 and I think it should be custom (seller listed) when we post that way people can go back and look at these sellers. Also look at the George Washington and Lincoln silk ribbons. This can't be real

Provenance: Orrill's Auction and from a Private Sylmar, California Estate. 


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Yes, that's another consideration.

I don't like the look of it at all.  If it were signed by Lincoln it would have been given much more respect at the time.  

I see mounting traces on the back.  I can't really tell if the signature is on top of the traces, but in any case it just looks suspicious to me.

Remember the Sitting Bull and Annie Oakley cards? Buffalo Bill too I think.

This has the same overcooked look and unrealistic wear patterns.



You stated they have been replicated 'countless times over'. Please send us a link to any of the 'countless' ones that are for sale. 

Here's an image of what the cards would have originally looked like (albeit in black and white here):  

Based on the wording this card would have been issued in the summer or fall of 1864.  

Lincoln was a celebrity, so to speak, before then, so if someone managed to get it autographed in the several months before Lincoln was assassinated it would have been a cherished memento from the moment it was signed.

Here is another variety from 1864:


You cut-and-pasted a digital image from the card that the Library of Congress owns. You haven't provided an image of the "countless" replicas that you claim to have been made. 

Does the OP really look authentic from 1864?  If so, that's cool.  Live and let live. 

I didn't have a horse in this race.  Only wanted to help spare the OP collector (who asked) potential grief down the road as did others.

With four sharp corners, that sort of "age" and no folds? LOL nope.

Yes, that's a photo of original card, posted to show how bad the fake aging is on the forgery.

Etienne said they personally bought a replica of this card ten years ago.  So, they obviously exist.


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