Opinions Please! Eddie Collins, Connie Mack & Dizzy Dean

Hey guys. I am a long time collector and just joined the site. Looks great!

I have done some business with Pristine Auction and have been really happy. I have seen them discussed a couple times here. I have some questions about the vintage autographs below and need your help...

Eddie Collins

Connie Mack

Dizzy Dean:

Are they authentic? What is a good price for these? Any idea what grade these would get with BGS and is it worth getting them graded?

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Thanks. Feel free to post it here. The research that I have done after posting this gives no reason to believe that these are not 100% authentic.

Unfortunately, this post wasn't much help and has just led to more nit picking and negative talk like most of this forum.

I have consulted a couple of experts from major third party authentication companies away from this forum and both have stated that all 3 of the autographs here are "likely genuine"

For a guy looking for free opinions and help, you sure are critical and quick to insult.
What third party authenticators did you ask?  I havent looked at sports much but I havent seen a dean that looked like that ( and I say I AM NOT A EXPERT) it just looked off from any I looked at buying before for my son?
by the way, do you know that yours is authentic? Any authentication behind it?
I was given three photo's from pitcher Carl Hubbell.  He gave me a Dean, a Lefty Grove, and a Satchel Paige.  I had all three authenticated by PSA/DNA for future proof.  I will take a photo when I get a chance.



Here is a photo.  It sounds like you are pretty set on wanting to get the signatures.   Im not trying to stop you, but remember, likely authentic is so that you pay them for the yes or the no.  Do you think these two Dean's are close enough in comparison?  I know one of them is legit.

Do you know what year the photo was signed? According to the description, the pristine Dean came from a collection from the 30s and 40s.

Here is an example I just sold and I hope it helps. I have a very light but perfect provenance dean ball at the office, but I have to find it.
PSA and JSA. I contacted Pristine and they guarantee them to pass any authenticator review



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