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Hey guys, I just wanted to know what your opinions on the eBay seller Outlaw_hobbies was. I was in the market for a Rebecca Ferguson and found an autograph of her on Outlaw that is authenticated by Autographcoa. I heard Outlaw is a mixed bag with some real and a few fakes. Would you guys say it’s safe to say the ones authenticated by Autographcoa are the originals then the rest are possibly the fake. If you guys have any thoughts that would be helpful. Thank you! Also if anyone was familiar with Rebecca Ferguson's autograph Too and could please give me an opinion that would also be great as well. Thank you!

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ACOA is a reputable TPA.  She was great in Doctor Sleep.

What are your opinions on the seller if you’ve hear of him. I just asked outlaw_hobbies about their lifetime guarantee and he said he didn’t know what that was. I’m a l it’ll worried, What do you think I should make of this. Thank you! 

Both are authentic IMO

What about your thoughts on Outlaw_hobbies, are you familiar with them are ever interacted with them. The seller I buy from is also kind of a factor I consider when buying an autograph as well regardless of the authentication. Thank you!

I never worry about authentication only the signed item itself. The seller's customer service, shipping costs etc all play a part but I never buy based on the seller more the autograph. Never heard of this seller but so long as you can buy via Paypal or eBay you're covered in case of any problems

Oh really. Thats very intresting to me. You disregard the seller completely and just focus on the signature and the authenticfication. Personall i would take both into account. The seller for all i know could be advertising just the scan of an autograph with its hologram and coa and be giving me something completly different or a reprint, or they could be really good at forging for it to pass. When i know more about the seller it makes me feel better that theyre have a clean record and other people praise them. Thank you for your expressing your opinion, i am still relitavely new to collecting so i dont know if i have the right balance of caution or the wrong balance. 

You're doing the right thing by being cautious and asking questions, far too many of us made expensive mistakes at the start and got ripped off.

Everyone has different ways of collecting. If I cannot get an item signed myself I look on sites such as eBay or auctions but always go with the signature itself. Authentication to me only matters for resale and is again only an opinion, not a cast iron guarantee an item is real.

Whilst there are some very good sellers out there I have seen far too many sellers get sloppy or decide to cut corners and sell questionable items and destroy their reputations or sell items which are at best doubful to be genuine so always go with the signature no matter what the reputation of the seller

Keep doing as you are and you'll get good opinions on here no matter how we sometimes disagree on items and you'll build up a good collection of real items




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