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They dont ship everywhere. Europe nope

what are the chances these are real?  Ozzy not very healthy at the moment.

Great point.  No ship to US addy.

Autopen again, no thanks

There were Autopen issues with him before, right? Don't know the details, but thinking about passing because of this as well...

Edit: Ok, no point in considering this if they only ship to Australia anyway, haha :D

Watch this one somehow be real. But I refuse to ever give them another dime after the last autopen mess.

I am super leery on this too. Also, as other possible grief, I find JB Hi Fi as not very pleasant to deal with lately. Either there website is wonky when you try to place an order. And, if you do not get your item, you have to pull teeth to get a refund or response.

Anyone knows a good forwarder in Australia?

No US either

Honest question: I ordered vinyl inserts from his last album and they were authentic

Were the autopens on the cds?

For everyone acting like experts here. Here's how Ordinary Man went down:

Vinyl Inserts - Authentic

UK CDs - Authentic

US CDs - Autopen w/4 variations 

Don’t even have uk in the drop down and won’t ship to any USA addy I use :(



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