OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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Absolutely 100% they will say its real.. but its how they say its real that matters.. if they had a form letter stating how they know of problems in the past and authenticity issues have been addressed, we could all rest easy.. but that would be admitting previous fault.. I guess their hands are tied. We just have to wait and see. Although, the more inquiries we put in now, the better. There is enough time where they could change things and avoid a disaster if they know enough people are worried. I say keep emailing.. put the pressure on them starting now. 

Ha, pretty sure they would still tell me that my last one was real too.

Just for fun, I wrote in to the USA store where I bought mine, and got the identical response as Landon Miller. The autograph better not be AUTO PEN, because it sure looks like inquiries are AUTO RESPONSE !!! lol

Hi Jim,
Thanks for reaching out!
Yes, this item will include a real signature. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Ozzy Osbourne Store Support
They say "yes it will include a real signature" but they didn't say who/what it was signed by. Could be Ozzy, could be a secretary, could be an autopen machine. Either way it's a "real signature" just not the one we're trying to buy. So that doesn't give much confidence (not that they wouldn't just lie anyway).

Ozzy's signature is pretty distinct. So I am leaning more towards autopen again rather than a secretary. All I know is I am hard passing on this one because there is no way he is signing upwards of 10,000 copies even if he was in perfect health.

You are probably right but who knows, this may be the last time to try and get him at retail price. I was against it at 1st but decided to pay with PayPal and put in a claim if I cant get 100% money back. Its possible we may even end up with free cds.. 

its worth a shot with protections so I changed my thinking and still bought 2. I had his book signed years ago but gave it away as a gift back when you could find them for $80.. now they are worth a lot more. Many are not authentic 

That's pretty bad when they sell so many fake autographs that they need a pre-written response for people asking about fake autographs lol.

You will not be able to make a paypal claim and win. I did last time because we were locked down and I could not send it back because we weren't even allowed at the time to go to the post office. If you order this you are getting what was advertised. It may be an autopen but they will not own up to that. So you are getting what you ordered, so you will not win. You may be able to get a refund but you will have to send it back on your own dime.

I've filed PayPal claims a couple times on autopens and got my money back. Just filed a "item not as described" case and had no issues. Plus if you pay with credit card and PayPal you double your protection. Even if PayPal sides against you you can still file a claim through your card.

With the last Ozzy release, I got a refund directly through the Sony store who was selling them. They initially wanted me to return them at my cost. Living in Australia that wasn’t going to happen due to the cost being way more than what I paid for the CDs. Took quite a few emails back and forth, but I eventually got it.

Normally when I've filed PayPal claims they'll make me upload a return tracking to get the refund. The last Ozzy fake autograph release they tried getting to me to pay return shipping as well, but after fighting with them awhile I finally got a label sent to me. I think on the bottom it said they would take money out of the refund for shipping. I can't remember if they actually did that or just gave me a full refund but overall it was a pain in the ass.



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