OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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I just got mine today!

Here’s mine. I’m not really familiar with his auto but seems similar to other examples 

Looks good from what I know of his signature. 

Good post! I havnt found a reason to suspect any of these are fake at all.. wondering how much I can manipulate the market thru here.. buyers, you need to hold.. ive seen these sell for as low as $50 single and as low as $40 in bundle purchases... $90 to $100 is extreme at this point.. there will be a lot more to hit the market soon.. you buyers need to hold to drive the prices down while the market is flooded

I got one from the UK site this morning so no buying from resellers for me now lol. I think a few people on here got some. I'm curious to see what the US ones will do, UK people are selling for like $40, then you see US sellers asking $100-200. Pretty hig discrepancy. I'm curious if not as many ended up in resellers hands and more went to fans since a lot of resellers might have thought they were gonna be autopen and passed. 

I believe its because UK sellers received theirs much earlier. US resellers are still on the process of getting theirs in.. I think people on the west coast for example still need to wait a day or 2 to receive their items. the US market will be flooded much more soon guaranteed.. I have my 2, im not interested in buying more.. just providing info to others from what I've seen in the past. 

Yeah hopefully they don't just go by what other US sellers are listing them at like they seemed to do with Red Hot Chili Peppers. But I'm sure like you said, eBay will get flooded and prices will drop. There's always a race to the bottom for the people who want to flip them asap and get their money back out of them. 

Got mine from JB Hifi today. Definitely not autopen, when you hold it to the light you can see where pressure was put down and eased off. 

This is a new one, what do you think??

Really sloppy. He must have been really tired?

How many have you seen signed in a single line? 

There are a few on ebay and one at the top of this page?!? 


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