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The authenticator explained that he and others did not reach an agreement about the flow of the autograph.  PSA passed it.

I agree with Eric. Rather than depend on the "expertise" (or lack thereof) of these large "masters of all" TPA's, I would study and trust my own judgement. In many cases, the time you put in to studying a certain autograph is likely more time that the TPA you are paying spent.

"...In many cases, the time you put in to studying a certain autograph is likely more time that the TPA you are paying spent...."

Amen. +1

Indeed. I'll look into exemplars and post them here soon. I'm curious to see what you think. 

From the little I have seen it appears atypical.

Exemplars are known authentic. You don't know the status of these so they are not useful in rendering a meaningful determination. Look at RR past auctions for certified exemplars.

You know, Dennis...I was thinking.  I wonder what kind of response you might get if you call Beckett again and ask for your money back since you cannot get the clarification that you are seeking regarding your paid submission?

Just a thought.  Maybe their phone operators will put you right through when money involved begins to speak.

I think $10 to ACOA would be well spent. It is a collective and you can ask questions, unlike these "fly by might" operations.

A lot of the time auction houses or if you consign somewhere , the item may have a particular coa and before you know it , they tear it up and write their own coa or give you an option of a tpa!

True Story...

A collector acquaintance of mine had a Marlon Brando signed photograph that had a COA from one of the Big Three TPA'S. He consigned the Brando to an auction house and the auction house stated that they wanted another one of the TPA's to certify it.   

When the auction catalogue came out with the listings, his Brando was featured with a certificate of authenticity from the auction house's chosen TPA.  There was no mention of the original LOA my friend had included when consigning.

The kicker was the winning bidder of the Brando had the option of purchasing a full LOA... from the auction house's "partnered" TPA for an additional fee.  Apparently the prior LOA vanished to make way for this opportunity of an "upgrade".


Certain companies only recognize a handful of tpa's or 1 or 2. They all need their piece of the pie by trying to control your sale.

Didn't think of that. Perhaps ACOA could help balance the scales in some capacity. 



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