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Exactly, Steve.

click here to get to the bbb web site:
"Misuse of BBB Name and/or Logo:
This business is referencing BBB Accreditation in their email signatures. This business is not an Accredited Business of this BBB and our policies prohibit such a reference."
..the bbb would be open to a civil suit from spence if they fabricated that statement.

I agree, Steve.  Forgers are constantly reporting false claims to the Better Business Bureau.  If only eBay would take the true claims of autograph collectors more seriously.

i agree with you regarding ebay forgeries------easily over half of the ebay listings are forged in my opinion.......

........please note that a person/forger has to prove that they used a tpa service in order to rate that company on the bbb web site....the bbb will check out your credibility asking  for receipts, invoices,etc ,,,the bbb wants PROOF,,,,,,,,the bbb is not rip-off report, pissed consumer,etc

Yes, forgers report false claims to those organizations as well.  I completely understand the frustration of autograph collectors who submit their autographs to a TPA, only to be told that the autographs will not pass authentication.  The fact remains, however, that TPAs have made the hobby safer for autograph collectors, and for that, we should all be grateful.

when there are doubts with a quick opinion you should get your money back so it's more easy to let you know it will not pass and keep the money. 2 weeks ago beckett says no to my morgan freeman and last week acoa says yes to the same autographed photo of morgan?. but to be honnest i was 100% sure about authenticity so did ask me why i wanted a answer that cost money.

I've read instances where it does pass quick opinion but fails the full examination. But as with the general advice everyone has given me from this thread, I wish I did my homework instead of blindly trusting these TPAs.

Don't be hard on yourself.  Having said all of those things about trusting your own instincts and doing your homework,  I have to admit that there is something to having all that confirmed with a positive certification from one of the TPAs.

Plus it certainly helps when you decide to resell.  Some people will pay more for an item if it comes with a certification from one of them.  Especially higher priced autographs.

you are right there but when i want to sell my items i just do it at a auction house and they will examen it first before it go's on their site. so for that reason you don't need tpa's and most of the time you make more money than on ebay.

Auction houses use their own tpas .

For eg Roger epperson at rr auctions , who was booted out of racc facebook because , they may not have liked his opinion.  

Paul, you might want to watch what you write on a public blog site. I eat people like you for lunch in court. I have never been removed from RACC, I am still a member in very good standing! Now back off! 

Roger!  I miss the days when you would contribute your expertise on AML.  Hope all is well.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend.



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