I purchased this autograph on eBay. From what I have read and understand it looks to me to be authentic. I am looking for other opinions. I have already had a quick opinion from the highly regarded Roger Epperson and not highly regarded James Cullen. So I am curious for others. Picture is below.

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That's great to hear, Louis! Thanks for letting us know. As you can see, the members here are the greatest, and glad to help.

that does not look good

Thanks for your opinion, what does not look good about it?

Too many forgers use this site for tips on how to improve their work -- so that's why members here aren't too forthcoming to tell you exactly what's wrong with this photo and the detailed reasons why it is fake.  So please stop asking. 

Ok, no problem. I am a newby, so I was unaware of this. It makes sense.

Sorry again

What did Epperson tell you?  Yay or Nay?

Hopefully you still have time to get a refund.

I got my refund in full. Was not a problem at all. I just noticed that the same ebay seller has just listed another Paul as well a Ringo. Pretty soon I expect to see John and George. See the listings below.


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