I purchased this autograph on eBay. From what I have read and understand it looks to me to be authentic. I am looking for other opinions. I have already had a quick opinion from the highly regarded Roger Epperson and not highly regarded James Cullen. So I am curious for others. Picture is below.

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This is fake in my opinion.


What does +1 mean? Kind of think I know but just double checking.

+1 = Agrees with a previous comment I’m afraid

Hello and thank you for your opinion. Could you please elaborate on your opinion.

To me it looks like a carefully and neatly drawn approximation of his signature and "Cheers" inscription with shape and spacing issues. Finding a McCartney signed photo on eBay at that price is extremely unlikely. Finding one on eBay at that price among so many other desirable names at similar prices is beyond extremely unlikely. They would not be sitting unsold at such insanely low prices.

Ballroom, did Louis say how much he paid? I don't see it.


I hate to say it but this is definitely not real in my opinion.

How long ago did you buy it and who was the seller?

Hello and thank you for your reply, disappointing but thank you. O purchased it a month back on ebay from sv. popova. He had very good feedback so I took a chance. 

This forum is good to have but I wish if the opinion of the viewers is that it is not real than they could explain why or what is wrong with it.

Thanks again

Hi Louis,

First of all, you're covered by eBay's and PayPal's guarantee for 6 months.

What's wrong with it is that it while it looks like McCartney's autograph to people who don't know his autograph and how to study autographs, it is a common forgery we see often. It does not have his handwriting characteristics. "Cheers" isn't even close to his handwriting. The shapes and angles of most letters are off.

It's also signed on a photo downloaded from the internet, not a high resolution photo, and it has pixelation and fuzziness.

BTW, McCartney signed 8x10 photos are about $800+. If that's an 8x10 then the signature is much larger than McCartney signs, except in rare circumstances.

Call eBay and file for a refund now. Give them a link to this discussion if you want, but Roger Epperson's opinion is all you need.

Hi Steve

Thank you for your opinion and your reasons for it. Also thankyou for suggesting that I contact Ebay for a refund. I have done just that.



Hello Steve, just want to thank you again for urging me to ask for a refund through EBay. I just received it in full. 


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