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It's Easton Press - the authenticity is usually solid.


I would say "unquestionable" more than "solid".

But perhaps the poster has concerns about autopen? I can't envisage Newman engaging in such a scam but it is not an unreasonable enquiry, sadly.

These are not great they are from Worthpoint.  It would not appear to be autopen indeed it appears to have been signed at more than one sitting.  There are more on Worthpoint.

I never thought it is an autopen, but I know Newman was pretty complicated with signing autographs so I wanted to be sure.

I do not recall any of Easton Press's books having a problem with autopen or forgeries of the numbered editions. I do not know, but I would expect they have the person sign some sort of contract that would insist they sign and not use secretaries or autopen. Easton Press has its whole business at stake. I might have a problem with just a plain signed copy, but not the official numbered version.  

Complicated is certainly a good word :-).  I know of one respected dealer who avoids later Newman autograph material altogether.  These were released in 2004 so they definitely are later era.

Wow thank you! 

PSA also includes an example on their facts page:


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