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I bought this item several years ago.  I'd like to get some opinions about it's chances of being authentic.  I bought it from a company named "Grafferman Autographs.  I know little to nothing about them.

I did some online research to look at authentic examples of his signature.  My reasearch was inconclusive.  It looks pretty good.  But I'd still like to get some fresh eyes, and minds  on this one.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some feedback on this one, if you would be so kind. 


Patrick Michael Bratcher  (Mike)

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I don't believe that's real.   It's a very simplistic attempt at his signature.   

After his death there were loads of fake 'signed' Newman photos that were quickly dumped on the market.  This looks like it may be one of them.  Honestly, I wouldn't buy a Newman that wasn't from earlier in his career unless I was really certain of it.   Between secretarials & forgeries (and this is one or the other) it's a minefield.

I've seen that pose before.  It's a younger photo of him that was reproduced many times later in a glossy 8" x 10" format.

its the typical secretarial sadly

Steve is correct - secretarial. These are from Markus who noted that Newman's secretary did a reasonable job:

Deeming it secretarial might even be generous.   That's one odd looking little "P" and the whole thing is unskillful.  Regardless, not real and from him as you guys say.

Thanks Eddy, I appreciate your keen insights.


100% not real.

Well, that's 4 or 5 thumbs down, outta 4 or 5 replies!   I'm beginning to think there's just a very slight chance it's a fake.  Oh well, I chalking another one up to "Beginner Collector Naivete." Ouch! My little education has been quite expensive!

Thanks Steve!

Of course ya'll know that means I can't resell it now.  Another "autographed photo display birdcage liner!  I wonder how these people keep getting away with fraud without penalty?  They're still in business, selling up a storm!

Mike -  I had a look at their store right before you posted this about them.  Looking at their other offerings and some names I'm familiar with, I'm even more of the opinion now that it's just a plain forgery (and not a well executed one at that).

"My little education has been quite expensive!"

Research first, purchase last.  :-)

Research first, purchase last!  Makes great sense to me!  Thanks!

Most welcome. I am very glad you are to get a refund. :-)



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