Pete Townshend Autographed 11x14 I Need Opinions on Authenticity Please

Hi, I'm trying to authenticate my collection being the amount of forgeries out there is frightening.  This one is mine.  It has PSA cert but don't quite know if it's genuine.  Please help.

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Even if it is, it is so rushed and abbreviated, on an over-enlarged over-contrasted grainy copy image which is just a money grab (11x14 size - this is not 1930's Hollywood and I bet that is not double weight quality stock)...I hope it was very discounted. I gotta say I would stay focused on older more complete signatures on official items that have intrinsic value - this recent 11x14 grainy copy stuff with "rushed" "IP" signature scribbles is just a money grab in my opinion. End game, sell out - whatever. And there is that vandalism/sticker whose value one might question as you just did. 

Roger has a vintage PROMO LP, nearly 40 years old, with vintage much fuller readable (fairly) signature in black felt for $90. Not the greatest contrast in the scan anyway but the other qualities, an official LP, a huge "not for sale" promotional sticker...and you get Roger's papers...

Roger Epperson Pete Townsend Signed Promotional LP 1980 $90

A quick scale comparison.

PSA/DNA Copy unlicensed over-contrasted/over-enlarged 11x14 photo playing an SG rushed recent scribble. $ unknown

REAL certed Gold stamped and marked promotional ILimited) premier solo LP, vintage 1980 w vintage signature in black felt. Cover art by Bob Carlos Clarke. Album rated number 5 by Gibson as "The greatest albums released by an artist who was previously in a successful band" and 57 on Rolling Stones top 100. Deals with Moon's death, addiction and a lot more. $90 with Roger Epperson/REAL papers.

Please click for full image.

Which do you like as a collector? Which has more tangible qualities?

Another example of the same sort of thing. Click to enlarge.

Modern copy 11x14 on right - $549 with papers. 1980 8x10 on left - $49 raw.

I'd rather have mine of course the other looks like the ink is so old it is disappearing.

Well, one is a very limited gold stamped promotional official licenced product, the other likely exists in much greater, if not quality. One of these can be replaced immediately and repeatedly, one can not. One is rather legible, one is not. One is by a known artist, one is unknown at this point and seriously over-cropped/enlarged.Each has a sticker - one has much more value then the other, to me anyway.

So - to each his own! :D

I like the unlicensed photo better, if it was a better-looking signature.

John, If it was a better looking signature on the copy/cropped photo, you'd choose it over a 40 year old vintage signed gold stamped promo LP?

This is about contrast, right?

Or general resale? I might well agree. 

I collect as home decor rather than as a store-away collector or with value in mind.

For me, it's just about what I would like to put on my wall. I like framed photos for display, personally. Especially if they are iconic images. I dislike the SG aspect of this photo, but the image and the pose looks good to me. Between these two items, the photo just looks a lot more clean than the vinyl If an album is clean-looking and the signature is nice, I would probably choose a signed album over a photo though and frame it up for display.

To each their own, of course.

And I of course agree. I was just thinking of what you told me about gold stamped promos being so limited. Perhaps I have over-weighted this.  



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