Thoughts on these Floyd sigs? I assume fake for all four, but thought I'd check just to make sure. Thanks

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The one that’s been sitting on eBay for $600 BIN for a couple months? There’s a big reason for that :)

Always appreciate hearing from you Seamus. This is the first I've seen of it, but yeah, that'd be the one. Really appreciate you taking the time to help me especially with the new site underway. Thanks a ton

Of course! Just an FYI - In the extreme rare occasions that an authentic, high profile band (Floyd, Beatles, Stones, etc) item is listed considerably under market value, they are usually snatched up in a matter of minutes from the eBay hawks.

For a quick reference, fully signed Floyd albums start at around $4k, with the more iconic albums fetching $5-6k and above.

Good call Seamus

Bad ink

Literally bad ink. That "Gilmour" has an absurd amount of wear for the medium. The presentation is very off with unreal wear patterns and hairlines (Wright), ridiculous signatures aside.



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