has anyone dealt with this company before, selling limited edition pink floyd books and I read it that there signed by DG  

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I'm really curious myself. Looks too good to be true.

From the two images seen poking around there it is a preprint with different placement. I did a quick overlay beneath the first image below - not perfect scale but you can see what you need to. Placement indicated in red. In one place in the sales text/pitch it does suggest it is not hand signed. 


Thanks for the warning Eric, I was going to order one...its a shame, they are pre prints selling for $360 dollars.... i cant see David Gilmour signing 750 book pages... it was too good to be true..

No problem. The lack of "Handsigned by Sir David Gilmour!", the price drop and the quantity certainly suggest a preprint as well as the images shown. Keep your eyes open and you might snag one for a good price on eBay. I recently got a signed ticket from his 1984 About Face solo tour for well under $100. You can see it on "My Page".

Good detective work Eric -- you've saved some people alot of money!

Thanks Bruce, that means a lot to me.

Still waiting to hear your story how you got Gilmour graph signed this year. :)


Keep in mind, for future...signing 750 books to sign isn't a big deal. Here in San Diego, President Jimmy Carter signed 2,000 books in just under two hours (I could be getting those numbers wrong, but not by much).

So, it may sound daunting a task, but it really isn't. If you're just sitting there, signing your name on various books....with an assistant having them opened to the proper page or whatever....it would go quickly. And if you wanted, you could sign for 15 minutes straight. Take a break, and get back to them later.

Exactly, Springsteen signed like between 17-20.000 books/pages (though I assume it took him a little while and he was signing most of them off the road, a few months before his book's release date).



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