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I know the photo isnt the best but does anyone think there would be any reason to question the authenticity of the four signatures of the memebers of Pink Floyd on this guitar? It is at The Art of Music in Las Vegas..are they reputable? What value do you think its worth?




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Does not look good at all..... Stay away!
why doesnt it look good?

Take a look at these authentic PF signatures and compare:




Pink Floyd signatures are very rare (a specially complete signed items), so make sure you do alot of research before you purchase.... Better safe than sorry:)



yeah, i dont know how anyone can tell 100%... all the signatures i can find online they all look a little different....some match the above ones..and others dont.

I'm sorry to tell you, but these are not genuine. They are not even a good try.

Keith Veltre at Art of Music one of the biggest dealers in forgery in the United States!!! He buys from Tony Tremayne of the nations most notorious forgers! Tremayne is being sought by the FBI but is hiding out Veltre still manages to buy from him. Veltre is the largest dealer in dead people anywhere he  gets endless supply of the likes of Stevie ray vaughn, Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, brand new Cowboy hats by John Wayne, Jerry Garcia etc!!! The FBI should get him  Hes now into Boxing Promotion  go figure!!!

The collector was able to get a refund from The Art of Music! He talked about it in a later discussion.

of course this is what art of music does!!  this is how they get away with it!!  they give the money back put the item back up for sale then sell it to some one else!!

I am not sure exactly what store it was (or perhaps still is) at the Caesars Palace shops, but they continuously had full signed sets of Led Zeppelin albums for over 10+ years. Often priced at $3995.00 Even the LP, "In Through The Out Door".

maxresdefault.jpg Keith Veltre Art of Music  Largest dealer of forgery in America !!!



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