I swear if a computer tried to devise the most indecipherable autograph in history it would be this one.  5,000 of my Facebook friends have failed.  No one can make heads or tails of it.  If you can figure it out, then you are a genius, scholar, and a hero, and I will name my first grandchild after you!  

One theory is that it is not an autograph at all, but a note that Virginia Mayo wrote to the servicemen who asked for her autograph....  But other than that, I got nothin'.

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I think it is a sentiment by Mayo.

[Something] of [something]

Virginia Mayo

V. Mayo. I agree with Steve's interpretation. Is it English with those accents?

Because VM's loops are similar, it's possible, although the pencil lines are radically different.  But once we determine it's some little salutation she wrote, what on earth could it be?  The crazy tail on the f is just inexplicable as it goes all the way to the left and then across the top of the wiring. 

A.J., That looks like Charles Laughton to me. 

This is why the other day I said Laughton off the top of my head. 

I see why you saw a resemblance.  This is at least in the ballpark. Most aren't. 

If you are asking about the signature below Elizabeth Taylor i think it is Ezio Pinza.

Matt Smith, You solved the mystery. 

Thanks Matt, I'd just heard from a collector I know on line, and he nailed it too. Then I came here and so did you!  Months of frustration are over!"

Ezio Pinza!  



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