Is a Prince autograph you're considering buying real or fake? Get opinions from collectors who study Prince here, preferably before you buy or sell.

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It was an online opinion, so we don't know for sure if it's the same one they looked at. I'm not comfortable with the Prince autograph. I don't know the other names.

You can combine my discussion, i deleted it here because you answered it on the other thread.

Thanks, Paul

Here's on that looks ok on ebay, opinions?
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Definitely real, imo.
This is a signed poster that apparently recently sold at Rockaway Records. This is an example of one of his "symbol signings". It sold for $4000. I don't know enough about this style to be able to judge its authenticity. I know though that Rockaway has a good rep, I believe anyway.

There was a beautifully signed copy of the "Purple Rain" LP that sold on eBay for $2200. That was a steal in my opinion. Once stickered by PSA or JSA, I think it could go for $5000. Not many out there, I bet.
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They have a great reputation. I don't know anything about the symbol signature either, though.

I feel better now about getting mine for $650, even though is not signed on a poster or album.

I really don't see them going down in Price any time soon, it's really amazing how much there selling for, as much as Lennon, Hendrix etc.

I really dont think having something authenticated increases the value of an item, i believe it helps to determine if a piece is legit or not, but with some items it's quite obvious.

This is a fake signature! Prince never signed anything in 1999.

This is the new Prince lp that I bought. Signed at the instore signing in Stockholm 1988.
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