I'm compiling a list of good eBay autograph sellers. Ones that try hard to only sell genuine autographs, and it shows. Ones that back it up when they make a mistake.

Please post links to their eBay accounts and their names. Please do not post without links. 

We recently became a member of the eBay Partner Network. We may earn a small percentage of eBay's fees on eBay purchases made through links to eBay from our site—and it doesn't cost you or the seller anything extra.

All we have to do is be the last link you visit before you buy. This works whether you're buying autographs, or anything else on eBay.

These are the eBay sellers members have suggested so far to review:

Markus Brandes Autographs

Tracks Ltd.

Darvick Autographs

Perry Cox

Rockaway Records

Record Mecca

Roland Brödner, german full time dealer

Mark Kirkup, british full time dealer

Randolph Thomassian, french full time dealer

Ron Dabitz, german full time dealer

Autograph World

For signed promos:

Newbury Comics

JB Hi-Fi

Warner Music Ireland (the US store also has some fantastic exclusives on occasion)


Sanity Australia

Looney Tunes CDs

B.B. Authenticated

Autograph Pros

John Shaw: bgfd287, doppey987, happy-go-lucky-girl


Rare Tracks


Signed Sealed Delivered





norbsob99 same as All Star Signatures LLC

Rinkside Signatures














InscriptagraphsDenver Autographs

Toppix Autographs


John Brennan's VIP Autographs

Rolf Ramseier Autographs


Tom Kramer's Golden Age Autographs: http://www.ebay.com/usr/silentsaregolden

Gary Brucato's Classic Entertainment Autographs: http://www.ebay.com/usr/classicentertainmentautographs

Bill Ecker's Harmonie Autographs: http://stores.ebay.com/Harmonie-Autographs

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Good job sticking with this Tim. Takes guts to stick with what you think is right.

Take a look at the Queen item that you listed earlier though. It looks like just an unsigned tour program by a different seller. Think you may have linked the wrong eBay auction to it.

Have anyone ever said that he was wrong Rick? 

All I ever asked for were proof to back up his statements, I see nothing wrong with that? Do you? Because I still stand by my opinion that providing proof is the only serious way to handle authencity questions!

But as said earlier today, great work backing up your opinion Tim!

Did I mention you somewhere? Just said good job and it took guts sticking to what he thought was right.

Ok, i understand. But since I were the only one that took the discussion with Tim last time I thought that the guts part were a reference towards him ”standing up” for himself against me. Sorry for being wrong Rick!

No problem. Guts part was just sticking to what he thought was right. Not meant to be referenced in opposition to anyone. Your point was not wrong either. Sometimes a person experience and opinion will be the only proof they have. 

We’re all on the same team here no matter what. That’s how I see it.

Amen to that Rick!

This went how things should and usually do go here. Members are free to speak their minds, whether what they feel is popular or not, whether they disagree with another member or not, as long as they're not being demeaning, dishonest or mean-spirited. 

https://www.ebay.com/usr/tcrsf (For Collector's Only)

I have bought on line from this company the last 4 years. They are legit from what I have read. https://www.goautographs.com/




I didn't remove thesignaturearchive from the list. I removed another dealer. All I found in this discussion is this:

What do you think about this guy, Luke Harrison (thesignaturearchive) ?
BTW, removal from the list isn't necessarily permanent. I'll remove a seller there's a concern that requires more discussion. I can always put sellers back on the list if it's found that there isn't any reasonable concern.




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