I'm compiling a list of good eBay autograph sellers. Ones that try hard to only sell genuine autographs, and it shows. Ones that back it up when they make a mistake.

Please post links to their eBay accounts and their names. Please do not post without links. 

We recently became a member of the eBay Partner Network. We may earn a small percentage of eBay's fees on eBay purchases made through links to eBay from our site—and it doesn't cost you or the seller anything extra.

All we have to do is be the last link you visit before you buy. This works whether you're buying autographs, or anything else on eBay.

These are the eBay sellers members have suggested so far to review:

Markus Brandes Autographs

Tracks Ltd.

Darvick Autographs

Perry Cox

Rockaway Records

Record Mecca

Roland Brödner, german full time dealer

Mark Kirkup, british full time dealer

Randolph Thomassian, french full time dealer

Ron Dabitz, german full time dealer

Autograph World

For signed promos:

Newbury Comics

JB Hi-Fi

Warner Music Ireland (the US store also has some fantastic exclusives on occasion)


Sanity Australia

Looney Tunes CDs

B.B. Authenticated

Autograph Pros

John Shaw: bgfd287, doppey987, happy-go-lucky-girl


Rare Tracks


Signed Sealed Delivered





norbsob99 same as All Star Signatures LLC

Rinkside Signatures














InscriptagraphsDenver Autographs

Toppix Autographs


John Brennan's VIP Autographs

Rolf Ramseier Autographs


Tom Kramer's Golden Age Autographs: http://www.ebay.com/usr/silentsaregolden

Gary Brucato's Classic Entertainment Autographs: http://www.ebay.com/usr/classicentertainmentautographs

Bill Ecker's Harmonie Autographs: http://stores.ebay.com/Harmonie-Autographs

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This seller is the real deal. Website below. Know him personally.


I was able to get 1-2 signed photos from this company. I have yet to find any reviews or verification on them. Anyone else dealt with them before? (Forgeries/Fakes or Authentic as far as the products they have?) LMK


I see a lot of bad forgeries on that site.

Almost every signature on that site is a forgery. A couple of those are pictures with no signatures on them. Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson are two I saw. Guess those are signed upon order.

This link should not be in a thread with links to good sellers. Somebody may get confused.

Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. I'll be deleting the post so that no one gets confused.

How do u know that an autograph is fake?My sister & I had the pleasure of getting an autograph from Roger Waters.Hers looks different then mine.Can the marker make a difference?

Many celebrities have some variations to their signatures. Maybe they aren't consistent with their signature overall, but that aside there are different circumstances that affect them - are they signing while standing, seated, for a big crowd or just a couple people? And, like you said, pen choice can make a difference. That being said, when fans and collectors see their fair share of undoubtedly authentic items, it does get a bit easier to note handwriting trends and I.D. known variations. 

I went to Autograph World's web site earlier this morning and there's a porn star right on the main page, a private signing. Two naked chicks making out on page one of their eBay.  I was hoping just to check out their signatures without having to hide out in another room away from my kids' eyes. The smut is a little excessive imo.

Seems like all their private signings are with Playboy models and porn stars. For a company that does that much business and (I assume) has that many connections, I would think they could do a bit better. Or at least uphold a slightly higher standard.

(I assume) has that many connections

I wouldn't be surprised if that assumption was inaccurate.

Most of their "Hollywood" stock seems to be poorly cropped inkjet prints that were signed outside events.

They seem like more of an aggregation of IP chaser product than a company with legitimate connections to get a sit down signing. After all, if they could do it, you'd think they would, instead of relying on scribbled inkjets.

Even though folks are on the list does not mean that all of them should be trusted completely. One of the biggest sellers listed was contacted by me when I saw one of their consignors was shill bidding on the item. I knew it was the consignor as I had dealt with him before and recognized his bid based on the feedback count of the bidder. I also had previously owned the item and knew the consignor. The Seller did nothing about it and never responded back to my email concern. They did this because the shill bidding drove up the price and they made more money.

I've purchased from eBay seller Cho1ch a few times & always believe the items I've bought to be genuine.


Has anyone else bought from Carsten Hohenhoff?



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