Hi Everyone,

New to this site, but have been collecting for a couple of years now, so still very new.  Could anyone help with this Princess Diana auto?   Ive been comparing to genuine signatures of her and looks good, however, one thing that does ring a little alarm bell is that its signed twice ?  One on the front and one on the back. Diana is rare enough, so why sign twice?  Any help would be appreciated. sorry for the quality

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I would say defintely not genuine. Diana didn't slant to the right like that. The inscription also looks very strange.

I've tried posting a Diana I own but for some reason it posts upside down however I save the image on my hard drive. I'll try to post it again later:

This is mine at long last. Click on the image to see a huge version:

I don't think so either. That's not her hand.

+ 1

thank you very much guys,  i thought it was strange that Diana would sign both back and front too. Really appreciate the feedback.  I have seen a couple of Christmas Cards and letters but very expensive, 3 or 4k, ill keep looking in hope. Thanks Phil

It has sense. I mean, the prices. Be careful 'cos there're a lot of cheap secretarial ones and fakes out there.

If you want a real Diana autograph grab one on of the Christmas cards that pop up al the time. I got mine for $550 and it was authenticated through PSA already. I have a neighbor who is getting better at the framing 

thats very nice, yes i have been looking at/for xmas cards,  i will keep looking, thank you!

Nice, I was looking at a similar card at one point, I believe Richard was her personal hairdresser. Just keep in mind some of those Xmas cards were signed by autopen I believe and not hand-signed.

I own a number of Princess Diana letters and autographs and the original one posted is unfortunately not genuine.  As someone remarked be careful if you buy one of the Xmas cards as a lot of them are autopens

thank you Michelle,  i understand that autopens leave a dot at the beginning and a dot at the end?  is there any other signs?

This is an Autopen from 1960 - no dots. Overall even impression with no pressure difference on the indent visible on the back. Very mechanical. The thing to look for here are smooth curves - this machine could not do that.



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