Queen on Ebay .......in my Opinion Fake .......but what do the Experts here think ?

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Well Martin, I've been dealing with queen and only queen for 40 year so I guess you could say I've done a bit of homework already. As explained before, their issues with the price are because you're asking Innunedo piece prices for an item that is not considered to be on the same level. I understand you're protective because it's your item but I can tell you as someone who only studies queen...the Innunedo posters and this item are not the same thing value wise for most collectors. It's up to you what you sell for before the movie, but please dont be upset with anyone giving you facts. All 4 signatures are genuine but it is absolutely a fact that these 4 are rushed and that's what they were referring to. 

I really love this discussion here. It only gives my album more views and publicity. Thanks so much.... lol

Anyway, Im not going to sell it - only for the correct price. I have time... time... and until then its a great memorabilia in my collection. 

Agreed Innuendo - and as was pointed out on another topic, there were markers in late 1972 - although they were called felt tip pens then.

Agree w Mark. I have Star Trek sigs from 1967/68 in black felt tip. Most (certified=likely secretarial) Gleasons from the 60/70's are felt tip and some ballpoint.



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