Is this a genuine set?

Far less desirable with Freddie (on paper) added, but perhaps more affordable for those of us with financial constraints ....

Thanks in advance!

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No, the whole set is fake

Thanks Innuendo. I did think the Taylor and Deacon looked atypical when comparing with authentic examples. The one autograph I felt confident about was Freddie - are you positive it's no good? 

Absolutely sure. 

What's wrong with the Freddie? 

I dont usually give all details for fakes away as to not help forgers but these were clearly all done by one person. Genuine Freddies don't sport question mark style F's, nor do they then mimic that curve in the M. Then look at the Roger. L and Y have the same curve from the same hand as Freddie. Brian had all short letters, just like the short Ds on Freddie. Not to mention the shaky J in John. These are all very plainly done by the same hand. Whoever did this knew one member added on like that happened pretty often with this band. If you'd like more info, feel free to message me. I'm always happy to help but ebay is not your friend for Queen pieces. You'll want places like RR for a genuine set. 

Thanks for the details. I'm building up folders of authentic and forged examples, so hopefully I'll get better a picking them out the genuine sets soon. 

Fake, and looks to be signed by the same person.



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