Quickly!Uma thurman,Kate Beckinsale,Angelin jolie,Patrick Stewart authentic?

Please, help, urgent. Im looking to purchase either of these autographs that have been given to me for a good offer. Here is a kate beckinsale autograph, an Uma thurman, angelina jolie, and patrick stewart. Can someone please help me out and tell your opinion on whether or not they are authentic. Thank you!

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If that's an authentic Stewart, it's an absurdly bad example that should be avoided. My guess is that it's not though.

Are you sure. Could it be possibly he was extremely rushed or had already signed a bunch prior to a huge crowd. I don’t know if you’ve heard of toppix but it’s an extremely reputable seller and I don’t think they’d risk their title of being a trusted seller. I’ve also seen two or three examples of a similar version of this signature online, but I don’t know if they were real. Thank you for you commenting, really appreciate it!

Well, Topic has a good reputation, but even then it's still a bad example at best. Stewart has signed tons of better autographs at conventions and elsewhere. If it's dirt cheap, I guess it is what it is.

Even if the Stewart was genuine it is so atypical and abbreviated as to be avoided. He signed for me in a crowd and it looks like a normal Stewart. Don't make excuses for poor autographs. Low price fades, poor quality remains.

I happened to save a scan of the Stewart he signed for me in NYC in a crowd after signing many:

That was probably signed ten years ago, and he was probably prepared for fans as he left the theatre.  It is not the same at airports and hotel entrances.  I think that Lawrence should rest easy, and not worry about the resale value.

Oh no sir, im sorry but i believe you misunderstood me. The resale means nothing to me as i never intend to sell any of my autographs as everyone of them are special to me. Patrick stewart could leave a ketchup stain on a photo and id still frame it just as long as i know he had direct contact with the photo. I only look for the opinions of other for validation that the signature could be real as it would be crushing and a waste of money if it wasnt real. Thats why i keep pushing its authenticity to people who dont believe it looks right, because regardless of how it looks i have hope that its just rushed, and as long as patrick stewart could so much as draw a dot on the paper i would be happy. I in no way do this for money or value, i do it, like many of others, as a passion. Besides even if some other world i did want to sell it, i dont think i would since im not even a dealer so it would be out of the blue lol.

If anything it sounds like you want to be certain - this is not the autograph I would select with that criterion.

I'm certain it's real because it came from Toppix. Looks a lot closer than a ketchup stain, too.

Would it be safe to say the others are authentic since they came from toppix as well...or well technically ive been saying TopPix this whole time but i really mean Newgraphs on ebay since theyre the same people, thats correct right? Thank you.

My reply was not intended for you.  Read it again, as well as who it was sent to, and you will realize that we are actually in agreement.  I was referring to the autographed Playbill, not your autographed photo.  Enjoy your new acquisitions.

Oh I’m sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you were talking to me since you said “rest easy Lawrence, and not worry about the resale value.” If you could understand my confusion lol!


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