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R&R Enterprises vs. RR Auction-- Are they the same company?

Was R&R Enterprises the same company that is now RR Auction? Is a COA from R&R Enterprises equal to a RR Auction COA? I have a high level of trust for RR Auction COAs. Should I trust an item that comes with a R&R Enterprises COA? Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.

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I believe it is the same company. Although the older RR COAs may not be as accurate as their newer ones. Best to post items here. 


R&R - Rare and Remarkable are very very good, and they remove questionable items which is admirable. A good source IMO.

      I guess, for the most part.  I've seen what appear to be some real turkeys slide through in higher end vintage entertainment... Three Stooges, Abbott & Costello, James Dean, Brando, etc..  This is true of all of the large auction houses though. Glad to hear that they are open to pulling questionable pieces (although I am curious as to how that works).

     As we've discussed before, best to take each piece and examine and opinionate on it's own merits and/or lack of.  Sometimes the reputation of the auction house, in-house LOA's, third party "pre-certification", etc. can dull a collector's critical examination skills.

Only if you pay you attention to it.

I don't give a damn who says what. Ink and item. That's it.

the old rr certs buyer beware 

Not sure I understand...are the old rr certs not real?

there real but not worth the paper there printed on in my opinion . now were talkin the 1990s and early 200s as  it was the wild west back then. 

there was no cross checking or and database or so called tpas

you have private inpersons luke john me mike and other who sold to regular people  and stores  they didnt deal really with them so its the stuff that was circulated around so you need to have all old stuff not just theres verified as times have changed 

hope u understand

now all there stuff gets verified it wasnt ilke that back then  pre internet

thats why know your source was so important


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