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opening another thread because "Replies are closed for this discussion" on the previous one

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Yeah, I like the band but I'm not interested in a baseball either. Especially for a hundred bucks. Maybe they'll come out with something else...

Just received my CD/Auto copy,this had all the makings of being a great signed cover, instead we received a small insert inside the CD jacket(very disappointing)...Glad the music's good though!

I have briefly looked into K pop to try and see the appeal.. this may be a good item for the instant flippers to make a quick buck but for me, im staying away. I do not see memoribilia for bands like this holding up long term but that could be just because i only buy items as a fan.. however,, I believe kpop bands ride a marketing wave which will fall apart in the future.. at this point, I'd even be worried about shill buyers on ebay trying to manipulate the price as well as hype.. be careful with this one.. I may be wrong as this is just what I get from my limited knowledge.. shoes are also heavily marketed and have been huge items for flippers for years so I could definitely be wrong.. 

Another K-Pop group - Itzy. Similar signed offerings.


Beware, I think each is only signed by one member, no option for all 5 members signautres.

Julia Jacklin - Signe vinyl for pre-order of Pre Pleasure

(PRE-ORDER) PRE PLEASURE SIGNED PURPLE LP - Julia Jacklin (musicglu...

Kim Mitchell  ( Max Webster )

Signed 8X10 photo


PSYCHEDELIC FURS- Made of Rain signed marble vinyl, $38.99

Electric Fetus in Minneapolis had the band sign a few before their local gig, so supplies are very limited (and the reason this isn't a separate thread)

Electric Fetus tagged a product from their shop.

August 2 at 9:56 AM · 

Another new arrival in our Signed Records endcap...we're grateful to The Psychedelic Furs for signing copies of Made of Rain (North American Exclusive Limited Edition Marble 2LP) on Saturday night at the Palace Theatre for us!

We have a few we can ship too. One per person. Thank you to these legends for their time and support!

TURIN BRAKES Wide-Eyed Nowhere

Dlx CD, $20, vinyl and bundles - $33 to $55, released Sept 16

Official Turin Brakes Store (tmstor.es)

The Vaselines - Signed vinyl copies of Dum Dum via Monorail

Dum Dum – The Vaselines | Monorail Music

This is a good one. Thanks Andy!


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