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opening another thread because "Replies are closed for this discussion" on the previous one

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Thanks. This will make a nice pairing with the John Schneider CD I picked up a couple of years ago. Now if we can get Catherine Bach to record a CD!

Does she sing?  ;)

Lol. No clue. I haven't even heard of her popping up anywhere in 30 years so probably not. But never knew Wopat did music either. So never say never. Would just be nice to frame up 3 signed CD's from DOH.

Update: Just did a Wikipedia search and she has been semi-active acting. But there is no listing of her ever doing any kind of music.

Not sure who she is but I noticed some hype on Twitter over a Kali Uchis signed cd, it sold out fast the first time and they just restocked, if anyone is interested and wants to look it up and post it it's on her website, I'm on a road trip and not sure how to do it on my phone. It says she's a Grammy award winner 

I've kind of heard of her, just googled her records, all i know is she needs to get her boobs or arse out on all her LP covers to make them sell by the looks  ! 

Lol, like I said I never heard of her but There has been quite of bit of people acting like she was a big deal on social medial so I did the FOMO thing and ordered one anyway. I started to post it the other day but it sold out before I could so I figured I'd alert the forum of the restock in case anyone is a fan 

Yes I did the FOMO thing too and ordered one ! LOL - Link is below 


over my dead body :)

yeah, this Kali Uchis signed cd is the second or third time now they tricked me with this same strategy, pretty simple really, list a signed cd and have it sell out in an hour, then relist it a few days later, and suckers like me who aren't familiar with the artist but think they are missing out on something rare and desirable will jump on it, it's been on sale for about a week now without selling out the second time. can't remember who it was that got me like this last time but maybe the Maggie Lindemann ones that ended up being available for months. I need to learn to resist the FOMO lol   

Red Moon In Venus [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Signed CD]

FYI, this is also another CIMS exclusive, available at major US indie stores, out 3 March

Example: Kali Uchis - Red Moon In Venus [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Sig...

she has a signed alternate cover Cd available now



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