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I’M AUTOGRAPHING ALBUMS THIS WEEKEND! Order “AMPT” or “Scared of Heights” (not in a pack or combo) and I’ll put my name on it for you AND lick it. Love y’all, -Nov

Is there a bigger discount if I ask for one thats not licked?

 I thought the ones I've seen that were signed and kissed with the lipstick marks were pretty cool but I agree, pass on the licked LOL

Riot V (latest incarnation of 70s/80s NY hard rock/metal band Riot) signed postcard $10 (scroll to bottom of page)


not sure if these are random with orders or how you can order but I got this email that 1000 labels will be signed and you have to sign up

The Wolfie’s UK and Europe* pre-sale is now OPEN!

You can buy a bottle first using this exclusive code:

There are 1000 hand signed bottles by me - you just might be lucky enough to get one!

*Includes Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland for the time-being. More to come soon!

Saw that early this morning and decided to pass since getting a signed one appears to just be random and if I'm not lucky then it will be a waste of money since I don't drink anymore lol

Do you need to enter that code to be considered for the signed bottle? I don't see an option to enter the code.


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