Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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Thanks for that Steve. Problem is everyone is saying something different including you. I only joined this having trying to see if anyone else had a similar autograph of Ray and came across this forum. I've had some good conversations with some people on here whilst others don't mind taking personal pops at people and most of those are the ones who don't want to publish their real names and identities on here. I don't hide myself.  If you read my post clearly i said i had an issue with just those individuals taking a pop who hide their identity which you've stretched to something more. 

i have to disagree many said it was a stamp. But I am a total beginner for collecting Signatures thats why I wanted that you post the signature in a close shot so it would be better to see what the others say, But I am very happy for the discussion:) gained a lot of knowledge:)

I also would have liked that Paul joined:) But thank you for your pics and infos you have given to this discussion:) it made it more interesting:)


It seems like you are only here to hear what you want to hear. That's not what Autograph Live is about. I rarely kick anyone off this site, but I'm not going to subject my members to you anymore.

I'll miss him;-! (and sorry for losing my patience a few times).

Yes, well, he never sent me the large clear images I asked for and he promised - he said several hours ago I'd have them shortly but...

After jumping through his "credentials" hoops he then asked me, and I told him, exactly how I would go about determining/demonstrating "if" this is a stamp. That talk last night might have been more...educational than he expected?

Steve suspended him from the group so was unable to get your contact details from the PM you sent him.

I've no idea. its not my item. Who exactly are you? So many 'experts' on this forum hiding behind false names and fake images

Taken at the stage door of the Ray Charles Birmingham Odeon show. Can you guess who is on it?

?Phil Guilbeau (trumpet)?

Gwen [Berry] (Raelette)

Darlene [McCrea] (Raelette)

Pat [Lyles] (Raelette)

Margie [Hendrix] (Raelette)

Jean King (featured solo singer)

I didn't know the individual names of the Raelettes or any of the band really back then at the time, but these were taken off multiple people who turned up shortly before Ray arrived with another man. 



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