Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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wow no kidding sir..this one on ebay looks totally different hehe what a mess heh http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Authentic-Ray-Charles-Quincy-Jones-Jamie-...

I also wanted to mention that Ray Charles was surely using drugs and maybe this changed the way how he wrote.i  mean his fingers must have beenshaking..i remember from the movie that his fingers where becoming unstable at a time later on..i guess at the beginning there was no shakiness , at the middle of his career there was and athe end less..but that how i can explain the autographs from Mr.Paul and from the Manager..but this ebay thing looks too good to be true

This one is a British seller BUT he has a certificate to authenticate - SO MUST BE REAL!!! -  and probably priced it high to give it some credibility also This example does go to prove a point though, which is that there is so little consensus on Ray Charles autographs. On this thread alone people have said he NEVER did autographs, some say he did, some say that his manager did nice autographs, some say they were stamped both in a nice style and in a child like style. There is no agreement and I doubt anyone can really authenticate them other than people like in the case of this ebay item who are happy to authenticate anything for the money. There is a lot of value in examining the autograph and trying to find examples of other real ones, but are there any that anyone can really say is 100% real and back it up? probably not. So it is one of those autographs where the story does play a major factor in belief. 

Sir! Can you tell me please from which year the newspapaer with the ray charles signature is from..and which newspaper it is?Thanks!:)

yeah really hard to authentitcate..but i am curious which firm did this..probably PSA/DNA and you cant trust much them..and also what is suspicious he also didnt include from whom the certifiate it is hehe its quack quack probably

it's from the 1963 NME annual. So its the end of year of 1962 looking back on 1962 music and into 1963. The NME (New Musical Express) was a weekly music magazine. It's out of print now and only online but right up into the end of the 1990's it was one of the two most important music mags in UK. Paul got this at the end of 1962 and spent 1963 filling it full of autographs. As well as Ray Charles it contains 50+ autographs from American and British stars. Amongst the American autographs is a Sammy Davis jr, THREE Nat King Cole autographs, The Everley Brothers, Brenda Lee, Duane Eddy and as i said about 50 others. It's packed solid with autographs taken throughout 1963. No idea how to price it if we sold it. I'd hate to break it up into separate autographs so at the moment its just stored. I just included the Ray Charles autograph out of it into this debate. 

thanks:) do you also have the Animals..(proabably not cause they started one year later touring in England i guess) or The Shadows?..I have seen you sell them but do you have also a signature of them in here?

I've not seen any Animals yet but I think he might have some as I've seen one ticket he's got from a show in 1964. 

Have certainly got Shadows plus ones from Jet Harris and Tony Meehan. Jet and Tony I think left the shadows in 1963 so the autographs he's got of them were from their solo hit of 63 Not sure if there are any in this NME but if you want to know I can send you a full list of autographs out of it and any individual images if interested. I'll message you that list if we are friends on here. 

yes checked we are friends, so would you like me to send you a full list? But certainly got lots of separate Shadows ones. I do have some on ebay but lots left to catalog. 

Paul was prolific on the autograph scene back then so for most stars there are quite a few autographs, so he can keep one of each and sell the duplicates.  

every forgery has its own story, in fact, the more detailed the story, typically the greater chance it is trying to cover up the truth.  Not saying its true in this case, but it certainly is in most.  That is why people who authenticate autographs, and even those that don't but are long time collectors, take the signature at face value, and disregard the story behind it.

Yep you caught me out!

the uk seller offering this for sale says that the coa is from a forensic authenticator!!!

Yes it was Quincy ME. 

Ray is using script in this signature  versus the printed signature I  usually se ....




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