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to see in future Autograph Magazine Issues.

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*Tina Turner
*Celine Dion
*Chace Crawford
*Brandon Beemer
*Larry Hagman
*Pamela Anderson
*Dancing with the Stars
*Wayne Newton
*Alice Cooper
*Selena Gomez
*Zac Efron
*Taylor Swift
*Arnold Palmer
Tony Curtis, Roderick Tooms (Roddy Piper - WWE)
Okay--I'm finding addresses for Jason's 4/30 and Dustin's 5/5 requests--they'll be in the June issue. Make more requests!!! Believe it or not, the hardest part of doing Celebrity Addresses each month is figuring out who to look up.

Kimberly Cole
Keith Richards
Brian Johnson
Robert Parish
Roger Daltrey
Michael Anthony van halen
John Paul Jones
Sandy Koufax
Rod Stewart
Ronnie Wood
Andy Sommers
Stewart Copeland
Tina Fey
Robert Downey Jr.
Zz Top
Tom Petty
Brian May
Hope this helps with the up coming list.
Jason sorry to tell you this but Neil Armstrong no longer signs anything at all in person or TTM so don't waste the postage because he stopped back in 1994 because people were selling it for a huge profit on ebay and anywhere else they could.

As a matter of fact most of the pictures on eBay now are autopens where he is wearing the space suit and they are selling them as originals. :-(
*Aaron Carter (singer)
*Jesse McCartney (singer)
*Doug Sanders (golfer)
*Alice Cooper (singer)
*Neil Armstrong
*Aaron Baddeley (golfer)
*Lady Ga Ga (singer)
*Tina Turner (singer)
*Pete Rose (baseball)
I am looking for Patty Hearst.
I am looking for a current address for Kristy McNichol
Kofi Annan does not send autograph's anymore
judge judy
I am looking for adresses for Jaime Sanchez, Jorge Russek, and Alfonso Arau, from the film, "The Wild Bunch,"
Jay Burstein



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