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Anyone have an opinion? thank you in advance

Well, Ledger never signed that image, so that's fake. Everything else looks bad.

some seem true to me, how can I be sure? Thank you

If these are from the same seller, that seller is a forger. Many of these scribbles are clearly in the same hand. Cast signed movie posters filled with Hollywood heavyweights are NOT easy to acquire and are, accordingly, usually quite expensive. If this seller has all of these, he's a fraud.

LOR looks like everything in the same hand...

Agree with the others, all look like one hand and all appear fake

hello, did they send this to me?
All our items come with COA from Reel Hollywood experts which provide WHEN and WHERE item got signed. There is a silver hologram on the item and certificate for verification as well ALL items are 100% hand signed, we never sell re-prints...

Their COA is irrelevant. The items are forged, and their operation is a scam.

It's relatively easy find a when and where a celebrity has been online and use that to create a false narrative for a COA.

Absolutely a scam.

Haus Of Collectibles website doesn't contain a single authentic autograph, from what I can tell. 

Their sports autos are a joke. LeBron, Kobe and Jordan autographs are hideous forgeries. 

Have a look at this Jordan. Might be the worst attempt I have ever seen. 

where is the site located?
how to tell them to cancel the order because they are fake?


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