Just bought this one, came with a COA from DPA (decisionpointathenticity) :


What do you think  ?




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horrible fake.

agree with you.


I think it's a copy from this one (that looks authentic) : 




Both are horrible fakes!


the second one is completely genuine, the owner has a letter signed from the international queen fan club certifying it's athenticity.

Here's a rock-solid Freddy Mercury, signed the year he died for Stephen Duncan:

Sorry to say this, but the fan club letter means nothing.

Both are awful fakes. The Brian May signature is one of the worst I´ve ever seen.

Jacky (from the fan club) issued hundreds of COAs for fake items. This is very sad.


I am the owner of the site www.LawrencesEastwood.co.uk where the second autographed sleeve came from. It belongs to my friend who was a member of the Queen fan club. She bought the record when it was first released and sent a letter to Jacky Gunn (she thinks),  asking if she could send the sleeve in to be autographed. Jacky replied that she could send it in, but it might take a few weeks till all the group came in and were availabe to sign it.. She then sent the sleeve to Jacky at the club to be signed, she had to wait a couple of months for the group to call into the club to sign it, and when it had been signed it was returned to her. Someone was disputing the authenticity of the signatures about three years ago and I contacted the present day fan club to ask their for their views. It was Jacky Smith who replied (a printed copy of the email is with the sleeve at my friends house), saying that in her opinion, the signatures were genuine, and someone had been making false claims about genuine signatures. She said that she had shown disputed signatures to Brian and Roger,  who agreed without question it was their original autographs on the item, but the person disputing the signatures still didn't believe her.

Jacky then stated  <Quote>It is up to you who you want to believe Gavin, at the end of the day it is always going to be their word against mine, but I can assure you I consider your signatures to be genuine. But as Brian says, these days it doesn't seem to matter, the worst fakes in the world sell fo good money on ebay</Quote>

My friend also has a couple of items signed by Roger Taylor, and the signatures match the one of his on the sleeve.

As I did not see the group personally sign the sleeve, I cannot say 100% that they did sign it, but I know my friend is genuine, and I believe what she said about how she aquired the signatures to be true, and Jacky supports her view.


Gavin Gillespie


Don´t believe in storys...believe in the signatures.

And both these LP sleeves show badly, badly faked Queen autographs on them.

It´s sometimes really hard to tell if signatures are fake...but there is no doubt in the world about these.

And Jacky should know better than this...it´s a shame she is telling such nonsense.

Makes me really mad to read storys like this.


It makes me really mad to see comments like this, with no proof whatsoever as to the validity of the claim that the signatures from the link http://www.lawrenceseastwood.co.uk/Giltbrook/queensigs.htm  are false

As far as I am aware, the signatures are genuine, and I have nothing to gain in saying this, it is my friend who is selling the sleeve, not me, I am not even on a commission.  I know when I sign anything that my signature can vary each time I sign, and a signature done leisurely in an office on what could be described as a work of art will be vastly different to one scribbled on a piece of paper shoved under someone's nose in the street. Have another look at the flair of Freddie Mercury's signature on the link, it gives me the impression of someone who is proud of what he is signing

1.) I meant that Jackys made up storys make me mad, not yours. Apologies if you thought I meant your story.

2) I don´t have to prove anything. Ask any autograph expert in the world. They will tell you these are as fake as can be. Try to consign these to Bonhams, Christies, R&R, Juliens auctions etc...they will all decline these items.

3) So far no one here thinks they are genuine.

4) The Brian May signature is one of the most ridiculous tries to fake his real signature I have ever seen.


Here is an example of a GENUINE Mercury/May autograph:




 I have also signed items in the style of the Brian May signature that is on my page, with the text after the capitals reduced to practically a straight line, especially when signing several items, one after the other, (as would probably the case in a fan club office), at other times my signature is actually legible, like on my passport  In my view, there are several similarities, and if I was intending to fake someone's signature, I would attempt to at least make it look like a previously published signature, and not indecipherable.

I also fail to see why Jacky at the fan club would say that in her opinion, the signatures are genuine if they aren't, she must have seen more examples of genuine signatures than most people, why would she do that?


Unless you are an autograph expert yourself, your views are as valuable, and carry as much weight as mine, and if you are wrong, your views could be misleading someone from buying a genuine autograph, as well as depriving someone from selling one. I would never try to intentionally deceive anyone, all I can say is I am sure that the facts concerning how my friend got the autographs are 100% genuine, as is the email from Jacky, so everything points to the fact that the signatures are genuine, even if they do not match exactly some previously published ones.

I have nothing to gain saying these are fake and my opinion is backed by everyone else in this thread.

You are trying to sell this for 850 British Pounds.

These are the facts...everything else is story telling.




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