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That's right. You guessed it! I've got some Mantle, Teddy Ballgame and Koufax I'd like some opinions on. 

The Koufax is from the Ron Lewis Living Legends art series and the Williams is on one of those Busch Beer posters he signed a bunch of.

I can provide more photos as needed for any of the four items in question (2 Mantles, 1 Williams, 1 Koufax). The bug with adding photos was messing me up.





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Couldn’t be more fake.

Wow Steve... That's very insightful ... Why don't you give any kind of reason you think that? ...... like evidence or proof...Thanks

ZZ, what kind of "insight" which you like?

Dude, I'm looking for a reason why he thinks they are fake, not just an opinion.

I can observe those Mantle pieces in one second and opine them as fake immediately.

Obviously fake.

Formation, etc.  

It's almost impossible to explain to a person who has no knowledge of autographs as to why an autograph isn't authentic.

Interesting feedback so far. 

I disagree that it's impossible or even hard to explain why something is not authentic. That's just not true no matter who the example is. 

My eyes tell me everything.  That's how I do it.


You can’t talk somebody through what only experience can teach you.

I have a new baitcaster reel. I watched 15 different videos how to use it. I do everything exactly like the guys in the video. Guess what? I still nest up my reel every cast. Going to take a lot more experience and practice to get it right. Autographs are even more difficult.

I like your analogy, Rick.

I'm a fisherman of largemouth bass (catch and release, debarbed circle hooks) and I remember years ago doing the same thing with my first baitcaster.

How did I finally learn to cast smoothly............



We know they're fake because we've done years of research and observation on the subject. We couldn't possibly get into the details of how we know their fake.



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