Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)

Is anyone familiar with this site? hope it's legit

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Not sure how to buy

Nvermind.. problems with chrome.. waiting on email verification  oiy

Judging by the comments on their Facebook page, run.

Dang those are rough. I almost ordered one as a gamble, I was trying to see if they take PayPal so I could file a claim if needed. Doesn't look like it's legit though judging by the comments. 

Interesting.. they do take PayPal though

I saw this but decided not to post because apparently this website is a huge scam. I did a lot of research on it around 2 hours ago.

I winged it.  I used Paypal and it's not much money.  It's basically the cost of a Blu-Ray with priority mail shopping. 

I chose media mail.. with PayPal protection I figured why not

I'm glad I'm not the only one who tried lol, I only ordered one because I wasn't sure of the site and after doing a little checking myself it doesn't look good.

My 2 year old was climbing and dancing on me while we were listening to music. She paused for a second so I checked my phone.. didnt last long, she was dancing on me while I was trying to figure everything out.. its definitely the most frantic order I've ever placed.. as soon as I saw PayPal I figured ok, just get it done lol

Yeah not too much risk with PayPal they don't get your info and they'll give you a refund if you file a claim. So at worst you tie up $15 for a month... not a big deal. I'll still pass on it, and judging by how my luck usually goes (like with the Ozzy cds) that should mean you guys will be guaranteed to get real signed RHCP cds. So that might be good for you guys that I don't buy lol. 

I was thinking about trying to cancel it after reading up on the company but Ozzy is exactly why I decided not to, I came so close to canceling those. I'm also pretty sure it's not real but the release date is just a little more than 3 weeks away so I might as well just wait it out. the fact that they had it listed as very limited, but didn't have a limit on how many you could buy is why I thought it sounded sketchy from the start.


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